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Welcome. Thanks for visiting!

I have somehow always gravitated to artistic expression so here
is some of the trail I have left in my creative journey.


We have no say in whether we like music or art or culinary taste: the result
is reported to us internally and all we can do is acknowledge it. So that's
why I cannot be offended if my music were not liked.

So, with that in mind, here is
my video: Street Dance In Cairo

I started classical guitar lessons when I was 9 in Madrid, Spain,
steel string folk guitar at 12 and at 14, Deep Purple's Highway Star had
me hooked. My parents got me
an electric guitar in 9th grade and it's
been a part of me ever since. Music remained a hobby in high school
at The American School in Japan. Then, while at UCLA, it became serious.

In the summer of ’81, I played my first night club, Club 88 in West L.A. and
the next ten years would be filled with learning the craft at The Music Machine,
Brennan's Pub, The Blue Lagoon Saloon, Madame Wong's East and West,
The Blah Blah Cafe, Gazzarri's, The Central (now The Viper Room),
The Ice House and the infamous Troubadour.

It wasn't until I joined Ten Inch Men in '91 as a bass player that I finally got a
recording contract when we got signed out of Club Lingerie. Neil Dorfsman
(Dire Straits "Brothers In Arms”) had a profound impact on me as I watched
him produce us. But Victory-Polygram Records decided it was easier to
repackage established artists than to try and market a non-grunge band
in a newly dominating Nirvana/Pearl Jam world of radio. Their complete
lack of ANY effort deeply broke my heart.

However, I have always made music because I have to; not for money, girls
or fame… though financial reward would certainly nourish a need for some
tangible validation. So my latest recordings show you where I am now.
If you like anything, you can download it at iTunes. All donations go to a
good charity: “The John McCloy Rent and Bill Payment Foundation” :-D


I got my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art/Graphic Design at UCLA and got day
jobs while playing the clubs. My first entertainment-based design job was as
a paste-up production artist at CBS-TV doing TV Guide ads. Then, my resumé
filled up with work for all the major film studios. Here is my portfolio.


Dyansen Galleries in Beverly Hills displayed my paintings of Rock, Blues
and Jazz artists. Here are the ones I still have on my living room wall.